Joomla Development Features

    Responsive Designs

    Responsive technology used to ensure your pages display in all the devices correctly without the user needing to switch to a different version manually.

    Tableless CSS

    W3C compliant tableless css coding. We use the highest standard coding style.

    Manual Coding

    We deliver you with pixel perfect Responsive Joomla templates. All the pages are coded manually.

    Fast loading pages

    All the pages are optimized to get a minimum page speed score of 90+ in Google pagespeed test.

    Value for Money

    With our responsive coding solutions, there is no need to maintain multiple websites. You save time managing multiple websites as well considerably on the costs.

    Robust Joomla website from any designs format

    We will deliver you with a robust, fully functional Joomla website from your designs.

    Latest Joomla Version

    The latest available Joomla version is used in our conversion processes.

    One full year post production support

    You get 365 days of support post production totally free of cost.

    Reduced Time and Cost

    Responsive WordPress website development removed the need for creating both desktop and mobile websites, so it reduces time and labour and therefore costs less.

    SEO Semantic Coding

    Optimised page load speeds and a clean template with SEO friendly semantic coding.

    Everything will be coded this way, ensuring no sacrifice in speed and a maximally-clean template.

    Alternative Framework Options

    A range of alternative framework options are available should you require it, include Twitter Bootstrap, Sass, Less Framework, Fluid Baseline Grid, Boiler-Plate, Foundation and so on.

    SEO Friendly and Manageable

    Really simple and easy to manage and also highly SEO friendly for better page ranking.


  • Responsive Layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap v.5
  • Vue.js
  • Element UI, UIKit, Animate.css
  • Responsive Layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Helix Ultimate
  • jQuery Migrate, jQuery,
  • Responsive Layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • UIKit
  • jQuery Migrate, jQuery1.0,

Additional features

Latest frameworks

Twitter bootstrap, Foundation and other latest frameworks are used

Support for multilingual websites

You can easily integrate multilingual pages in your website.

Module ready coding

Any module of your choice could be easily integrated in just few quick clicks.

Why choose HTMLBASKET?

There are many reasons that you should choose HTMLBASKET for your conversions and development projects, including:

  • Our highly skilled developers with years of experience
  • Our dedicated to quality assurance and high standards
  • Quick turnaround times without compromising on quality
  • Value for money and competitive rates
  • Search engine optimised conversions for better search engine ranking
Yes, we can work with all types of designs format for your Joomla website conversion needs.
Yes, you will be able to make appearance based changes to the Joomla pages that we code. You do not have to know coding, you can make the required changes in the control panel.
As much as possible we try to accommodate last minute conversion orders. However, we request you get in touch with us to get the actual delivery times.
No, we do not make use of any automated conversion tools in our website conversions. All the pages are 100% hand coded.
Machine based or software based design conversions will not be accurate. Moreover, it will make your pages less search engine friendly. You need to therefore make certain that you are always working with companies that offer manual conversion services.
Yes, we will be able to convert the existing HTML site to Responsive Joomla site. It is not necessary that you should only give design files for the conversions.
Yes, we also work with existing Joomla sites and make them responsive. Responsive sites will help you leverage better the potential of the mobile users, as the pages will automatically resize itself for smaller displays to give optimum browsing experience.
Our services are priced based on the modules that you want to integrate. We will provide you with a detailed quote based on your requirements. You will know in advance how much it is going to cost you for the job. You will be in total control of the process.