Magento Development Features

    Magento Integration and Design

    Our team can convert your design and other image files to an impressive and functional Magento site with numerous features.

    Development of Custom Magento Extensions

    We are able to develop and implement custom Magento extensions for an additional fee.

    Magento Integration Services with Manually Coded Markups

    Using Magento codes that are manually done, we can offer perfect pixel conversion for great looking websites that look exactly like your designs.

    Responsive Websites

    We are able to convert your image to a responsive website so that it is cross-device compatible.

    Fully Handled Installation with Guarantees

    We are able to offer a fully-fledged and functional website upon delivering the completed project and are able to handle the installation of the files on your server for simplicity to you as our client.

    Multi Language Options

    We understand the importance of reaching customers across the globe and that we may work with clients from all countries and so we can help with multi-lingual project solutions and customer support.


  • Responsive Layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap v.4
  • React
  • LazySizes, Underscore, Moment.js
  • Responsive Layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Preact
  • Modernizr, Underscore.js, RequireJS
  • Responsive Layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Hotjar
  • Underscore.js, Slick, jQuery UI navigation

Optional Features

Mega Dropdown Menu Navigation

Make your website’s navigation sleek and smooth with mega-level dropdown menus.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Framework

This is an easily modifiable framework that allows the site to run smoothly and look great.

Faster Page Loading

If you want website users to continue using your site it needs to be speedy when the pages load as they navigate through. We ensure that when a user navigates the site, the pages load immediately.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We are able to ensure that your website is available to users regardless of the device of platform that they are using to access it, including iPhone, Windows Phone and Android devices.

jQuery Feature Option

If your layout requires it we are able to offer jQuery implementation.

Compatibility with Retina Display

We are able to complete conversions that are suitable for retina display devices with optimum clarity. Also suitable for screen readers.

Specialist Font Compatibility

If you have a particular font or your own font that you want to use, we are able to integrate it with your conversion.


There are many reasons that you should choose HTMLBASKET for your conversions and development projects, including:

  • Our highly skilled developers with years of experience
  • Our dedicated to quality assurance and high standards
  • Quick turnaround times without compromising on quality
  • Value for money and competitive rates
  • Search engine optimised conversions for better search engine ranking
Signed agreements are only required for the Enterprise Edition. If you are using the Community Edition then you do not need any agreements in place.
Don’t worry, as Magento offer bug fixes and customer support for all editions. The only difference is that priority is given for bug fixes to Enterprise version customers, but even Community users get full customer support.
Yes from the Magento website, go to
Magento supports a large number of essential features, such as marketing promotions, site management, SEO, marketing tools, analytics and reporting, catalogue browser, catalogue management, shipping, checkout, payment, customer service and international support. Order management and customer accounts is also included. Basically, Magento has everything you could need for running an efficient and successful ecommerce store.
Magento offers integration with many popular payment gateways such as Amazon and Paypal, however there are lots more. You can find out more information at
To convert a single page design into a one page Magento theme, it takes around 4 to 5 days. However, this is just a guideline and there are various factors that can affect timescales such as design complexity, custom options to be included, extension integration and so on. We will always provide a timescale for your project once we have discussed you requirement and taken a look through your given designs. Of course, the more pages you require the more time will be required to complete the project.
Yes, we include the price of installing extensions with all final costs. If however you require customization of a particular extension there will be an additional fee. All costs will be discussed in full prior to commencement of the project.
A demo is available to view at
The Community Edition of Magento is licensed under the Open Software Licence version 3.0. This is an open source certified license. The Enterprise Edition comes under a commercial license.
For available extensions, please visit
Only for standard extensions. Custom built extensions will come at an additional cost for the time taken to customize and install.
Of course we will, first of all need your web design files, and there should be one design file for each page of the site if you have more than one page. Ideally as a minimum you should have designs for the home, category page, product page and shopping trolley page. We also recommend page designs for an error page and your checkout page. You should ideally also have a favicon design, otherwise you’ll have the default Magento favicon, which doesn’t look too professional if you want to brand! Where possible provide us with the source files (.ttf) for any fonts you want to be used in your web pages, and we will happily implement them. This is particularly important if you have a company font, as it is part of your brand. Other options: A placeholder image if you don’t want the default Magento placeholder image in your products. A company/store logo for a professional look. We also need a printable logo .gif file “logo_print.gif” that is suitable for invoices and other printable materials. "Logo_email.gif” is what we need for logo on emails to customers.
With HTMLBASKET, you can rest assured that your new Magento website will be pixel perfect, meaning it will look exactly like your designs and will be SEO friendly, support Google snippets, w3c valid and will use CSS.