Firstly, when you place an order through our website, you will receive an email confirmation. This email will contain all of the necessary information.


The HTMLBASKET process will then ensure that we have all of the details require for your order, and If any information is missing or more detail is required, we will get in touch with you.


Your order will be assigned to a project manager, who will be dedicated to you and your project until completion.


With all of the information provided by you when the order was placed and post-order, your dedicated project manager will check through your design and requirements to ensure that everything is in order and correct to begin the conversion. Your project manager may at this point contact you to answer some questions to ensure that the project will not incur any delays or issues.


Next, the project manager will pass your project to a markup developer and your project will be manually coded by this expert. The developer will code the HTML and CSS precisely by hand and no machines are used in this process for coding.


When the skilled and experienced developer has completed markup, the project will be passed to our quality assurance team for testing and inspection.


The quality assurance team will then examine the markup done by the developer and will test in various browsers. Any fixes required will be requested to be completed by the markup developer.


Quality assurance will do a final check, and once approved, the team will upload the completed project in zipped format to the order thread where you placed your order. You will also be notified of completion.


If implementation is to be included, we will confirm the markup with you and the project will be passed to our implementation team.


Once complete, the implementation team will either install the completed theme to your server or will upload the theme to the client area.