Shopify Development Features

    Practical Working Template

    The HTMLBASKET Shopify conversion service results in a full working content management system (CMS) with great looking and functional Shopify template that works as your site’s backend.

    Simple To Use CMS

    All our templates are user friendly and easy to install, so you don’t need to be an expert to use your Shopify CMS, Shopify Apps Even the most inexperienced users will find it a breeze to use and navigate.

    Choose Your Version

    We will work with the latest version to meet your requirements.

    Template and Plugin Mapping

    HTMLBASKET will map your template and plugin positioning, known as a placeholder. This gives you an easy to follow guide of the positioning of your plugins.

    Full Installation

    Our expert team will install your new theme and full working Shopify website, and we will ensure everything is fully working with 365 days free support.

    Optimised Loading

    Fast load speed is essential for ensuring that people stick on your site, which is why our experts focus on keeping the template light and simple. An optimized loading speed helps ensure happy web page visitors.

    Compatible With All Browsers

    We have many years of experience and highly skilled Shopify developers who are able to offer high quality coding that means your site will be compatible with all of the latest browsers, while also remaining W3C validated.


  • Responsive Layout
  • SpurIT
  • Open Graph
  • Modernizr, Fancybox, Lazysizes
  • Responsive Layout
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • React
  • Lodash, LazySizes, Preact
  • Responsive Layout
  • Handlebars
  • CSS3 animation
  • Slick, Modernizr, jQuery

Optional Features

Many Languages

Our Shopify websites can be set to various languages through extensions so that you can reach users across the globe.

Full Tech Support & Site Maintenance

We are able to provide you with a Shopify Theme that includes rich content forms. Our experts can assist with your new site and offer maintenance of the website.

Simple Product Publishing

Ensure the products are up to date with our simple template allowing you to delete, add and edit.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Your site will be compatible with all devices such as Apple devices, Android smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets and more.

Customer Comment Feature

Let customers add their comments with handy comment boxes on your Shopify store.

SEO Friendly

Our Shopify Development service ensure an SEO friendly site to ensure you get found.


There are many reasons that you should choose HTMLBASKET for your conversions and development projects, including:

  • Our highly skilled developers with years of experience
  • Our dedicated to quality assurance and high standards
  • Quick turnaround times without compromising on quality
  • Value for money and competitive rates
  • Search engine optimised conversions for better search engine ranking
This is the service whereby your designs are converted to a working online Shopify store. The finished site will be SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible and pixel perfect and will be usable immediately on completion.
Shopify is probably the biggest and most popular content management system (CMS) available, and as it’s a CMS you don’t need to know how to code to be able to make change to the site once we’ve built it. There are also lots of plugins and extensions, making it one of the most customizable on the market.
Shopify is software that is run over the internet (web based), so you don’t have to install anything. You simply go to the Shopify website and login to access your store. It’s that simple.
It’s all really quite easy for our experts. We just need your Design files, or other layered image, and we then do our research to ensure that your design will fit to a Shopify template. It’s a little like using blueprints to complete a construction project – your Design files are the blueprints. We do the building.
No. Shopify is designed to be user friendly and to allow inexperienced web users to manage their store with ease. You are able to customize the appearance of your store with a few easy clicks, and there are new designs added to Shopify regularly.
Yes, you can use your own domain name with your Shopify store, so that when a customer types in your domain, it directs them to your Shopify store. To change the domain of your Shopify store, simply go to your Shopify store, then head to Preferences, Domains and register any domain you like (so long as it’s available). Simple huh? You can also use an existing domain even if it’s registered through another domain name provider. This is a little more complicated, but you can see how to do this here
Your storefront can be set to any language you like. The admin panel however is in English.
Accepted payment methods via Shopify are almost limitless. You can expect to be able to accept almost any payment method. Visit for more info.
All you need to be able to start selling with a Shopify store is a Shopify account, products and a debit or credit card to pay for the recurring Shopify store fees.
Yes, you are able to accept cheque and postal orders as methods of payment, or even direct BACS transfers. There are no limited to accepted payment methods.